Hello Fellow Fisherman,I am one of many O.M.O.'s dotting the globe.An O.M.O. is a "ONE MAN OPERATION".Many O.M.O's like myself specialize in customization and innovation.This is our advantage and what you should take advantage of..It is easier for me to have you buy lures,rigs, & jigs I have pre-made so long as they fit your needs but if your favorite "BLUE/PINK with RED Dotted Polaris style popper just got bit off by a angry bluefish-I will do my best to duplicate it without ripping you off.
I also only sell what I believe is "ESSENTIAL TACKLE".In other words if I haven't fished it,caught fish on it,or know trustworthy anglers who give the product a stamp of approval-I wont sell it..
I take pride in each and every rig,plug, etc I make-and do not have someone else building your final products.I have been a mate/captain for over 25 years and learned from some of the best fisherman on Long Island.Since the majority of my products cost under $10 bucks,I need repeat customers to survive-I also need your feedback and ideas,Thanks for your interest,Capt.Larry